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    Lost Creek Consulting is your migration and interface specialist with extensive experience and an advanced administrative support system.

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Data Migration

  • Merge two EMR databases
  • Split two EMR databases
  • Convert from one brand of EMR to another


  • Customize an interface engine
  • Labs / PACS / Demographics
  • Build an interface or change an existing interface


  • Requirements & planning
  • Staff training
  • Possibilities thinking


  • C-EMR observation analysis
  • Cross walks and mapping
  • Observation term refactoring

Who We Are

We are a dedicated group of Health IT specialists who will treat your patients’ data as if it were our own families’ records.  We have the training and experience to do your project the right way.
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Doing it right 

Our team is amazing at mining your clinical data.  We check it thoroughly for consistency and completeness before we format it for loading into your new system.  Interfaces? No problem!  We will help you create, manage and debug any interface you need.  Call us even if you think the two systems are incompatible.